Friday, October 10, 2008

Reed Smith Teleseminar: "Financial Crisis - The Devil is in the Detail"

Reed Smith has made available an mp-3 recording (a "podcast") and the accompanying slide presentation from their October 8 teleseminar, "Financial Crisis - The Devil is in the Detail."  This teleseminar was a panel discussion featuring Reed Smith attorneys Andrew Rahl, Andrew Cross, and Luca Salerno along with Leslie Rahl, president of Capital Market Risk Advisors, and Lisa Polsky, Head of Global Investment Solutions and member of the Management Committee at Duff Capital Advisors.  The panelists focused their discussion and took questions on how the credit crisis fallout is affecting legal issues in the financial services industry, in particular:
  • What's new and what isn't new in this crisis

  • Counterparty risk: it is bigger than just OTC derivatives

  • How have CDS complicated the problems

  • Securities lending/repos/reverses and their issues

  • Valuation issues

  • Practical advice from veterans of the trenches  
Forum members were invited to the teleseminar, and quite a few were able to dial in.  Responding to the many requests from Forum members who were not able to dial in, we are posting the following link to Reed Smith's audio archive and the materials from the teleseminar: